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The secret to success is simple: Follow the philosophy of the right people.

ahmad evaji

Ahmad Evaji with ZoiVi Team Impact at the Hilton Hotel in New York

My mentor, Ahmad Evaji, was able to not only create success for himself at a early age, but also share his success with those around him. I had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman when I was 21 years old. Interacting with him and learning from his experience has taught me a great deal.

It all began one fall evening in 2010 on my way home from a long day at work. I was working at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square and I had just finished closing the restaurant. It was about 2 am in the morning and I was drained and exhausted. Exhausted, I put on my headphones, threw on my hoodie and tried to take a nap. As I started to pass out, I was tapped by a stranger and was startled. This gentleman was 6’2″ and was towering over me. The stereotypes that my parents had instilled in me started to creep up in my mind but I was pleasantly surprised when he apologized for disturbing me and wanted to talk to me about my hoodie.

I was wearing one of my Baruch College hoodies and he had told me that he used to attend Lehman College and used to compete against the Baruch swim team. We started to talk about school, why I went to school, business and he eventually asked me the million dollar question; “Are you interested in making some extra money and building a career for yourself?”. Naturally I was taken aback, but my gut instinct was to exchange phone numbers and see for myself what he had to offer.

The next morning, I woke up, and called back this gentleman without knowing what to expect. Was this going to be like a job interview? Who am I going to meet? Will I be able to pass the interview? All these questions raced throughout my mind as I dialed the number. After the second ring, he picked up the call and was excited to hear back from me. He booked me for a same day appointment at 6pm. I was reluctant to take the appointment slot, as it was during my class time, but I rationally decided that missing one class wasn’t going to hurt me.

I had shown up to a cafe in midtown Manhattan, full of young people dressed up in business attire. Instantly, I got nervous and shy all over again. I thought to myself, “Are all these people here for the same thing?”. I sat down with a young woman and she started to talk to me about the founder, how he is putting together a team of people to go change the world, and I thought to myself, “That’s crazy!!”. Never in my life had I met someone that was that ambitious and wanted to do something that was on such a grand scale. I started to get excited yet again about meeting Mr. Evaji and seeing what his project was all about.

“Do no harm” – Ahmad Evaji

I remember walking up to Mr. Evaji and introducing myself and for the next three hours, it turned into a blur. As he showed me the products, he explained to me that all the products were designed so they do no harm. That was something that was extremely unique, as most products that I know of had side effects and chemical additives. Then as he continued, he started to show me the difference between business and jobs; profits versus wages. He told me that, “This is going to require hard work, and don’t expect to do nothing and make a lot of money. You’ll make more at your job if you are not willing to work.” I was excited because it all made sense and I was ready to start building my business and career in ZoiVi.

Ahmad Evaji has become one of the people I look up to in life. I felt like we were best friends even though we had met for the first time. We had very similar hobbies, competitive in nature and had very similar goals. With all doubt set aside, I knew that Ahmad Evaji was someone that I had to stick to and learn from. I started to work with him right away, and as I worked with him on his business project, I started to see myself change the world day by day, person by person. It was not until my 9th month of working in ZoiVi where I realized the powerful impact that I was making on the lives of people around me. It started off as a innocent side gig, helping people get fit, lose weight and attain their health goals, but as more and more people were getting involved and using the products, I realized how powerful the products were. I remember the first time I had a customer come back to me in tears because he was so ecstatic about the changes that he went through, and saying how I was a blessing in disguise. It had sent chills down my back, because I never saw myself as someone who can inspire another to live a healthier life. That day, was the day I decided I wanted to do ZoiVi full time as a career.

“Service to many leads to greatness” – Jim Rohn

I had begun to understand the mission of the company. To change the world. To create a world with healthy people that didn’t have to wait until trauma hits before dealing with the problem. By attacking the problem before it starts.

“Don’t expect to do nothing and make a lot of money;
you’ll make more at a job if you are not willing to work” – Ahmad Evaji

Mr. Ahmad Evaji has become a powerful figure in the health and wellness industry, and this is only the beginning. His goal is to impact the world and as he moves forward, he is building partnerships all over the world to accomplish this goal. Join us in the movement to create a healthier future. You can network with me on facebook.com/richardxchen. I look forward to hearing from you soon!