Most people today cannot stay committed to long term goals, whether it may be jobs, relationships. The average person goes through 14 jobs in their lifetime, and when it comes to marriage, 50% of them end up in divorce.

The same result is slowly becoming a truth to ones health and wellness. I remember when I was younger my parents would badger me to eat my broccoli and take my vitamins. Slowly as I grew up, home cooked meals turned into fast food. The closest thing to healthy was the 12 oz. glass of water I would drink with greasy burgers and fried food.

My wake up call was when I was 21 and I passed out for 36 hours straight. I had taken my health for granted and abused it with caffeinated drinks, soda, chips and junk food. High blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, vitamin deficiency and sixteen cavities was the end result of years of neglect.

I have been on a road to recovery ever since. I am no longer consuming 8-10,000 calories a day. I’ve introduced a high fiber and fruit diet into my lifestyle. I’ve started off my workout routine to 100 jumping jacks a day and my goal is to grow by 25 a week until I hit 400 a day. Every time I hit 100 jumping jacks I am going to commit to 25 push-ups and 100 crunches.

My mentor taught me the following: your thoughts + your words + your actions = reality.

Follow me on my journey to improving health! Your support is much appreciated 🙂