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EGO Review with Lagor Fitness Owner EGO Review with Lagor Fitness Owner Jason William

Jason William, owner of Lagor Fitness had a chance to try the EGO energy drink (Nuviza) yesterday. As a professional body builder who has been running a company for over 7 years, is a health care provider and has two degrees in his line of work, it’s no surprise that when he first heard of the EGO energy drink he thought it was just another gimmick. All the shelves of every store have some kind of “energy drink/shot” EVERYONE SELLS it. So what makes this EGO any different than any other energy drink out there in the market? Well for starters: it’s all natural; it gives an 8-hour energy boost, with no crash; increases mood as well as libido boost. On top of that, it’s actually healthy to drink especially due to the 10 super botanicals that are blended in to the…

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