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Remember the age old saying about how the changes in weather brings about a change in the environment? I have grown to understand that it also applies to all aspects of our lives.

People go through different cycles in their lives, some longer than others. Like flowers, some people mature at different rates than others. Some are quick to blossom, and bloom in bursts. Others continue blooming for the season. Some others are selective in blooming, requiring certain temperatures and pollination. Some others are just really slow bloomers, taking decades to bloom.

People are a little more complicated than flowers though. We are emotional. We make snap judgements. Sometimes those judgements aren’t so good. But whether the result is good or bad, we continue moving forward. Our lives continuously progress and as long as we put our best foot forward, we can dazzle the world.

Over the years, I have worked on numerous business projects with different people, and I have grown to realize that just like nurturing plants to grow and bloom, you also have to nurture people the same way. One of the most exciting aspects of project NuViza is the fact that I am constantly given a chance to work on improving my personal skills so that my interaction becomes more powerful and more life changing each and every time. My favorite feeling is when someone tells me that I helped them better their lives. That is something money cannot buy. So when people ask me why I choose to work on project NuViza, I tell them it is because I will leave a lasting legacy behind.