NuViza O.N.E. Review

O.N.E, one, nuviza one

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Feed your body
  • All natural ingredients
  • Only 114 calories per (Vanilla) meal and 136 calories per (Chocolate) meal
  • Supports lean muscle and muscle recovery
  • Complete meal replacement in O.N.E. shake!

Feed your body, feed your life!

Have you ever missed a meal because you are always on the go? The NuViza O.N.E. meal replacement shake is the perfect way to keep your body nourished and well fed. Great for replacing a meal when you need to, or add it to your daily snack list to supplement your energy, with enough proteins, vitamins and minerals packed in for an effective gym workout!

O.N.E. is what you crave
The saying you are what you eat has taken on an entirely new meaning with the O.N.E. While many have tried different diets, changing habits, avoiding foods, calorie control, or just plain eating less the most common issue they experience is the difficulty in doing it. It’s easy to say “I am going to eat less so I can get the body I want”, but when your body says otherwise now it becomes a fight of the greater will! The O.N.E. meal replacement shakes makes it simple to achieve the results you want, the body you want, while giving the body what it craves: nourishment!

Shape your body
Finally, a meal shake designed to shape it while you make it! The unique proprietary lean muscle blend promotes your body’s ability to build lean muscle with light routines. Losing muscle weight is never a good thing, as a matter of fact it is something you should completely avoid! The O.N.E. meal replacement shake ensures your body can retain a healthy shape through proper nutrition and low calorie count so you can focus on achieving the body you have always wanted.

Since muscle is heavier and more dense than fat, while there may be a decrease in weight, the most important aspect of using the O.N.E. as a supplement is the firming of the muscles, tone of the body, and fit of the clothing .

Pure form ingredients for maximum results
What makes O.N.E. so different from other shakes out there? The ingredients and the blend. While many other shakes on the market often use vegetable protein or soy protein because it is more affordable and readily available, the O.N.E. utilizes a unique blend of proteins for maximum usability and absorbency. Vegetable proteins are incomplete, soy protein can raise breast cancer risks, cause complications with thyroids, or even precipitate gout in some individuals. The main protein source in O.N.E. is the fastest-absorbing source of protein: whey. According to Dr. Helen Kollias, Ph.D., in her research review Protein Supplements — Are you absorbing them? whey protein is absorbed at a rate of 8 to 10 g per hour. Casein protein is absorbed and assimilated at a slower rate. For example, your body could absorb up to 15g of whey per shake, and the digestion/absorption process would take approximately one hour. Consuming high quality dietary protein such as egg protein immediately after working out will help your muscles recover faster. The benefit of egg protein over other sources of protein is how fast the body can absorb it. To measure the quality of a protein, people often use a scale called the biological value, or BV, scale. On a scale of 100, the biological value of egg protein, or the measure of how fast the body can absorb and use it, is a perfect 100.

So when considering a completely balanced protein shake, the O.N.E. allows for protein and nutrition to be correctly balanced. Protein that is not absorbed is released from the body, stored as fat or converted to carbohydrates and used as energy. To maximize and increase the absorption rate, you would need enzymes, which are included in the complete blend of your O.N.E. meal shake!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults require between 49 g and 56 g of protein per day. The O.N.E. meal replacement allows you to maximize the proper intake of not only the necessary proteins, but also the additional nutrients your body needs for peak performance. Enjoy O.N.E. today in French Chocolate or Wild Vanilla!



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